18OE: On the Rails of the Orient Express

An evolutionary step in monster railroad gaming.

The Orient Express awaits.

I sell here, Sir, what all the world desires to have - POWER.

Matthew Boulton, March 22nd, 1776.

With those words, Matthew Boulton and his manufactory ushered in the era of steam. This revolutionary new technology spread across Europe like wildfire, spurring local noblemen to contract the construction of rails to improve their prestige. Cities previously many days, if not weeks' worth of travel apart were suddenly accessible within a few hours. A new class of transportation had arrived, bringing with it a new era of prosperity.

18OE is a game about the development of railroads in Europe and the Near East. Five types of companies - Private, Minor, Regional, Major, and National - and the transition among them drives the decision-making in this game. Players new to the 18XX system will find plenty of examples and slimmed down variant rules to ease them into the game. 18XX Veterans will find plenty of challenges new to them in the rules for sea crossings, ferries, and port authorities.

Claim your stake in European railroad history by crafty combinations of Major and Minor railroads, creating the most efficient route for the Orient Express. The winner is the player with the highest net worth when the modern age arrives.


On the Rails of the Orient Express contains:

  • 1 33" x 44" Map in two folded sections
  • 1 17" x 22" folded Stock Market board
  • 825 1" Hex tiles
  • 350 Wooden pieces and stickers
  • 360 Cards
  • 16 Track Rights Chits
  • 36 5.5" x 4.25" Charter boards
  • 8 sheets of charts & tables
  • 1 48 page rulebook
  • 1 32 page playbook containing:
  • 7 short (4 hour) scenarios
  • 4 medium (6 hour) scenarios
  • 1 full length scenario and variants
  • Email mfrazier@designsice.com for multiple copy orders

$200 + shipping